Furniture Delivery

Furniture & Appliance Delivery

Lets face it, furniture & appliance stores are very busy. They make numerous sales every day and it is very easy for the company that handles their deliveries to get booked up pretty quickly.

In fact many times you will be given a delivery date that is several days out or possibly even a week or more if it is during peak season.

If you’re like most consumers when you make a major purchase you want to receive it as quickly as possible. Well now you can!

At Rent A Vet Movers we provide professional and affordable furniture and appliance delivery.

Most deliveries can be accomplished with a 2 man crew however larger crews may be necessary depending on the size of the items involved and the layout of the destination. Throughout the delivery process our primary focus is crew/customer safety and damage prevention.

Our pricing is very competitive and we are available 7 days a week. Give us a call to receive a free quote.

Retail Purchases

Many of our customers purchase new items from various furniture stores and other retail locations such as Weekends Only, Ashley Furniture, Carol House, Rothman Furniture, Sams Club, Sears, Value City and other locations.

We are very familiar with the various pickup policies and procedures and many of the employees know us by name. Our large box trucks are spacious and will keep your items protected from the elements.

Dont settle for just any individual with a pickup truck in an attempt to save a few dollars. Weve seen it far too many times…people ending up with damaged or ruined pieces because they hired people that either didnt know what they were doing or who tried to deliver large pieces with vehicles that were too small. Its not worth it folks.

You’ve purchased a quality item and you deserve to have someone treat it like quality.

Craigslist Purchases

In addition to retail furniture delivery we also deliver furniture that was purchased from Craigslist, Facebook, local classifieds or Buy, Sell, Trade. This segment of our furniture delivery operation has actually become the most popular. The numerous online classified platforms combined with social media has made it easier than ever to locate and identify quality used furniture at incredible prices.

We are very familiar with the nuances involved with Craigslist purchases to include coordinating schedules between the buyer, seller and the furniture delivery company. In fact many of our buyers pay for items in advance and simply have us go directly to the sellers location to pick the furniture up. That obviously requires a great deal of trust and that is what you get when you hire Rent A Vet Movers.

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